Web Care fail – deel II

Oman Air is na mijn post op hun Facebook pagina nergens inhoudelijk op in gegaan, het enige dat ze nu aanbieden is een refund van het ongebruikte gedeelte van de vlucht. In eerste instantie durven ze daar ook nog een ‘cancellation fee’ van af te trekken. Hieronder mijn antwoord op Facebook:

Dear Oman Air,

On March 12 I wrote this very long post about cancellation of flight WY918 on February 12th:


So far I haven’t had any constructive reply about you cancelling my flight under false pretences. The only reply I got was from Rasha Al-Hinaai in your E-commerce Team on March 26 (so after another another two weeks) that I am entitled to a 24 OMR refund minus 10 OMR cancellation fee. So I have to pay a fee because YOU cancel my flight?! Elaborate please.

O wait, on the 29th I get another email, also from Rasha Al-Hinaai that I am entitled to a 24 OMR refund, this time without mentioning the cancellation fee.

Let me ask you, what is going on? Didn’t I make myself very clear that 24 OMR is simply not enough since you cancelled my flight and I had to take action myself because Oman Air arranged exactly nothing for stranded passengers and we had to pay for our own transport, 160 OMR? And, that after at least a month you contacted me only because I complained? I do hope your aircraft service is better that customer service.

It’s about time you solve this, not with 24 OMR, and not by charging a cancellation fee but with the whole 160 OMR.

Wiebe van Leeuwen

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2 Apr 2014